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What Other's Say about working with us SubTo Freedom

"Doing a Subto deal seems simple but when you get into the nitty gritty, its good to have someone like Daniel.

You already had the relationships I needed to ensure my deals work smoothly.

I had done Millions in the other areas of my RE business, but appreciated your help to move into subto."

-Vince Chimoga

"I started trying by myself doing wholesaling but couldn't figure it out, I heard about Subject To. I was driving saw Daniel's sign, so I called like a buyer, and learned his process.

After meeting him, I decided to get his help. And after 8-9 months not being able to do a deal by myself.

I did 2-3 deals within 2 months of working with Subto Freedom. I wouldn't have been able to do it without Daniel. But I was able to with full confidence."

- Raul Ruz

"I had been a seasoned Real Estate Professional but realized we were missing a lot of opportunities with our sellers. I realized I needed to introduce some creative options.

I tried figuring it out on Youtube but there was a lot of misinformation, we tried but it was riskier.

So, I decided after looking at my options of coaches to hire Daniel. He matched with my core values, and i'm so grateful."

- Oana Marmalichi