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When you use the SubTo Freedom Strategies

You tap into Cash!

You've watched the youtube videos, listened to the podcasts, thought about pulling the trigger on real estate, but what's next?

It's time to follow along on a path that leads to 3 potential areas to profit in real estate!

We always need money to support our business growth, which is why our strategy starts with putting cash in our pocket now to help fund the business growth.

The Subto Freedom System is all about building consistent income month after month. We do this through increasing our income through monthly cashflow.

Ultimate payoffs often take time, and our pay outs are often larger than many because of our first 2 steps we can hold longer and capture appreciation and bigger cash later.

Walk through your Next Deal with

On-Demand Coaching System to help you

Create Deal Flow and Cashflow out the Gate. NO WASTING TIME!

Want to invest in long term income building real estate and do so without losing what you've already worked so hard to earn.

As a Creative Real Estate Investor you will use your knowledge over your cash and credit to create scenarios that help homeowners who need to sell while allowing you to profit, all while they thank you for helping them!

What does working with SubTo Freedom Look Like!

How does Investing in Real Estate work when you are juggling a career, a family, and other responsibilities.

Just Like reaching any Peak, you take a step at a time, and let your Guide keep you moving Safely!

1) Watch as Daniel Walks you through EVERY Step in Doing 3 types of Transactions: Wholesaling, Subject To, and Creative Finance.

2) Immediately Apply what you are learning and trust the process of finding, negotiating and acquiring deals.

3) Ask Questions and get clarity on any part that you aren't understanding or isn't working as quickly as you expect

What Other's Say about working with us SubTo Freedom

"Doing a Subto deal seems simple but when you get into the nitty gritty, its good to have someone like Daniel.

You already had the relationships I needed to ensure my deals work smoothly.

I had done Millions in the other areas of my RE business, but appreciated your help to move into subto."

-Vince Chimoga

"I started trying by myself doing wholesaling but couldn't figure it out, I heard about Subject To. I was driving saw Daniel's sign, so I called like a buyer, and learned his process.

After meeting him, I decided to get his help. And after 8-9 months not being able to do a deal by myself.

I did 2-3 deals within 2 months of working with Subto Freedom. I wouldn't have been able to do it without Daniel. But I was able to with full confidence."

- Raul Ruz

"I had been a seasoned Real Estate Professional but realized we were missing a lot of opportunities with our sellers. I realized I needed to introduce some creative options.

I tried figuring it out on Youtube but there was a lot of misinformation, we tried but it was riskier.

So, I decided after looking at my options of coaches to hire Daniel. He matched with my core values, and i'm so grateful."

- Oana Marmalichi

Ready to Secure Your Future?

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  1. Personalized Investment Blueprint:

    We'll walk you through a tailored plan, aligning with your financial goals and showing you the best opportunities in the current market.

  2. Uncover Hidden Opportunities:

    With our vast experience and network, we can introduce you to investment options you might not have considered or known existed.

  3. Risk Mitigation:

    Understand the potential pitfalls in real estate investments and learn how our proven strategies reduce those risks, giving you peace of mind.

  4. ROI Estimation

Get a clear picture of potential returns, ensuring your investment efforts match with your current objectives.

Why OUR COMPANY is Different!

1) Identify Value

With specific Market Analysis and key understandings of Cap Rates, Rent Rates, and Deal Structure we find opportunities with Equity and Cashflow Opportunity

2) Underwrite for Accuracy

Confirming our Initial analysis we now dig into the details of every aspect and angle to assess the present and future cashflow and value.

3) Collaborate for Funding

Coordinating with our funding partners as well as institutional lenders we structure investments with solid returns for our partners.

4) Management for Expected Profits

Acquisition is only the beginning so our team continues the.plan forward with a systematic management from repairs to rent collection.

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  • How to go from the solid life you've created to the certainty creative real estate can provide.

  • The exact process that unlocks profits other real estate investors aren't even aware of.

  • Learn why investors who struggle for months or years are getting their first deals with the Subto Freedom process.

Latest Market Stats

Why is Real Estate the best option?

Why is now a good time?

"The vacancy rate has remained unchanged for the last three quarters at 4.2%, which is the lowest among all commercial real estate sectors.

With inflation easing and interest rates stabilizing, the demand for retail space is expected to remain robust in 2024."

- Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation

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Why is this Market in RE the best for today's Market?

Commonly Asked Questions by Our Investors

How Can You Help Me Find the Right Deal?

We have several tools in our toolbox to help.

What Makes You Different from Commercial Real Estate Brokers?

Traditional Brokers...

How Quick is the Investment Process?

Our process is simple...

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

No, we are fully transparent with our process and there are no hidden fees or costs involved.

What Types of Properties Do You Buy?

We buy Apartments

Is My Personal Information Secure?

Absolutely, we adhere to strict data privacy regulations to ensure your information is secure."

What Happens If I Am Interested in Investing?

We have you qualify then walk you through the steps

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy — simply reach out to us and we’ll guide you through the quick and simple steps. click here

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